Intelligentcarbon accounting

and offsets

ShiftCarbon helps companies decarbonize their operations without sacrificing their business.
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Carbon removal
can be challenging

Measuring all scopes can be tedious and time consuming
ShiftCarbon tracks scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions comprehensively on a single platform using best-in-class industry standards. We work with you at every step of your decarbonization journey.
Not all carbon offsets are created equal
We work with some of the best independent audit firms like Deloitte to ensure every credit is of the highest grade with complete transparency.
Choosing offset projects is overwhelming
We curate the highest quality offset projects. With our unique fractionalized credits and carbon reserve, you can choose the size of your investment
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Smart carbon accounting at your fingertips

Our all-in-one platform takes guesswork out of your decarbonization efforts. Apart from scope 1 and 2, our platform easily and accurately captures the complexities of scope 3 emissions.
GhG Accounting
Scope 1, 2, and 3 accounting
Know how you compare against your peers
Kickstart your data
Goal Tracker
Have an actionable plan for your path to net zero

Embed offsets into your business

Identifying projects, buying the right amount of credits, and selling them to your customers shouldn't require a whole team. Our platform curates hundreds of projects and delivers transparency and credibility to third party audits.
Curated Marketplace
Choose from the most relevant and credible projects
Fractionalized Carbon Pool™
Buy just the right amount of credits for you and your customers
Carbon API
Easy API integration for your apps or service
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Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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