Decarbonization. Your way.

Our platform removes barriers from your decarbonization journey. Achieve your unique climate goals by measuring your emissions and investing in a perfect mix of high-quality carbon offsets from verified global projects.

Offsets that are right for your business

Get a bespoke offset portfolio based on geography, verification, project type and quantity to reflect your values and goals.

Always the right amount

We fractionalize large projects so that you can buy just the right amount of credits to cover your emissions or allow your customers to cover theirs.

Built into your products or business

Make your customers part of your climate action with a simple API that embeds offsets into your checkout page or other customer experiences.

Worry and risk-free

Our process eliminates the need for due diligence, verification, and credit retirement with high-quality, verified carbon credits from around the world.

Make your business carbon-free

Our Carbon API allows your developer to integrate offsets directly into your products and business workflows. Don't waste time on managing inventory or credits through their lifecycle, verification, and retirement. Make decarbonization a seamless part of your supply chain or user experience.
ShiftCarbon Measure

Carbon accounting that doesn't require a whole team.

Start on your decarbonization journey without having to hire expensive consultant and ESG advisors.

IoT Enhanced GhG Accounting

Use intelligent sensors to take a deeper look at your operations.


Compare emissions reduction progress and get expert advice on where you stand against your industry peers. 


Integrate with third-party software to import your energy data or export your GhG data.

Goal tracker

View improvement opportunities tailored to our business and reduce harmful emissions by setting actionable goals.