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Reduce harmful emissions by investing in a perfect mix of high-quality carbon offsets from verified global projects. You can also embed offset purchases directly into your product offering or point of sale, be it a service agreement, ticketing system, or e-commerce store.

Setting the industry standards together with
global verification bodies.

There are hundreds of carbon offset projects across the world that target carbon removal or carbon avoidance through technological interventions of all scales and sizes. However, no two offsets are the same both in cost and quality. We work with globally recognized verification bodies to ensure your carbon portfolio is risk-free.
Fractionalization Engine

Innovation that propels the entire market.

It all starts with our Fractionalization Engine. This technology ingests large amounts of offsets from around the world and then divides them into those as small as a gram, all while maintaining credit integrity. This makes it easy for your business or your customers to pay for the right amount of offsets while focusing on causes or communities important to you.
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We partner with carbon credit creators from around the world and work with global verification bodies to ensure quality of our offsets.
Bespoke carbon portfolios are created from a mix of credits across projects, regions, and even registries.
Credits are divided into smaller units, as small as one gram of carbon.
ShiftCarbon Offset

Diversified and derisked portfolios.

Balanced avoidance pool

Our most popular plan for small teams.
$18per tonne
Begin your climate journey with a curated portfolio of high-quality carbon credits that balances the price and reduces risk. Having a carbon portfolio with a mix of project types and registries can help alleviate any specific project-related risk by spreading out where your offsets are coming from.
Easy to start decarbonizing
The best price on the market
Verified carbon credits
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Bespoke portfolios

Advanced features and reporting.
Custom offer
Thanks to our Fractionalization Engine, organizations can now choose and mix carbon credits from projects they want to support, depending on region, cause, or a verification body. New and innovative credits can be prohibitively expensive, but by bundling them with other projects, you can retain exposure to all kinds of offsets.
Handpicked projects that reflect your values and goals
Price reflects value and rarity
Access to the most innovative carbon projects in the world
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Make your workflows carbon-free

Our Carbon API allows you to integrate offsets directly into your business workflows. Forget about the need to manage inventory or credits through their lifecycle, including verification and retirement. Make decarbonization a seamless part of your supply chain or user experience.