Automated MRV

Enhancing Accuracy and Transparency

Collect real-time data from intelligent and cost-effective IoT sensors to increase accuracy, completeness and transparency.
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MRV Automation

An error-free approach to verifying your carbon credits.

Intelligent, cost effective, self-serve technology that boosts the entire voluntary carbon market. Powered by award-winning enterprise cloud platform.
Increasing accuracy and saving resources.
Streamlines third-party audits and ensures regulatory compliance for greater transparency.
Use case

Energy Consumption Monitoring

IoT is actively used to monitor energy consumption in buildings, such as lighting and HVAC systems, and track real-time data on usage. This data can be used to identify areas of high energy consumption and optimize usage to reduce emissions.

Sensors can be used to optimize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, while occupancy sensors can be used to adjust lighting and HVAC settings based on the number of people in the building. This allows companies to reduce costs, lower their power consumption, and lower their carbon impact.
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