What is a carbon footprint calculator?

What is a carbon footprint calculator?

Carbon footprint calculators are tools that take inputs such as:

  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Goods, services, and leisure

And estimate the amount of carbon that is output from them. They usually draw on a large amount of data that can be relative to the country you live in. For example. the types of electricity and heat used in Sweden might be very different that what is used in Canada.

The outputs of these calculators are usually a number - one that shows what your carbon footprint is (e.g Your carbon footprint is 2.3 Tonnes per month) and sometimes there is the ability to adjust and see how you may be able to reduce your footprint based on a number of variables.

Best carbon footprint calculators

This table shows 3 common calculators and links for you to check them out.

Other options to offset your carbon footprint

At Offsety, we use the country averages - one of the reasons for this is that we need to offset more than just ourselves to account for the impact of our overall economies. Think about all the factories, public services, and many other things that form part of your daily life. The easiest way to account for this is to offset your per capita carbon footprint - which is the total footprint for your country / the amount of people.

You can see more details on our home page at https://www.offsety.co/ and click on the individual 'i' icon to see more details.