Travel Pulse: Tech Company Developing Contact-Tracing Wearable Devices for Cruise Ships

TraceSafe, which specializes in wearable technology, has entered into a partnership with Tritan Software, a Miami company that provides health and medical operations to 95 percent of major cruise lines, as well as the commercial shipping, energy and mining industries.

TraceSafe makes medallion wristbands, about the size of two poker chips stacked on top of one another, said Wayne Lloyd, CEO of TraceSafe Inc. The wearables use Bluetooth Low Energy, which uses very low power to let devices communicate.

“We make it flexible so passengers can choose exactly how to wear it,” he said. “It’s similar to how you use a room key and have it with you all the time.”

The company also wants to make it easy to wear the devices and not infringe on a vacation experience.

Some cruise lines and theme parks already use wearable devices to open guestroom doors, charge items or even order food and drink.

TraceSafe uses its own wearables, though, which can be adjusted as needs change.

“Our technology is very adaptable,” Lloyd said. “When changes to the CDC guidelines come out, that can be quite catastrophic. With our framework, we’re quite flexible and can quickly and agilely adapt and meet those requirements. We’re fine with whatever the CDC decides, as our product will adapt and make sure it works flawlessly.”

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