TraceSafe Reaches Milestone of 15 Million Daily Contacts

February 25, 2021: Vancouver, BC – Tracesafe Inc. (“TraceSafe”) (CSE: TSF), a global leader in wearable safety tech and connected workforce solutions, including large-scale enterprise, venue management and asset tracking, is proud to announce that the TraceSafe platform currently processes over 15 million contacts per day, and that number is growing steadily.

The TraceSafe platform's high-tech cloud offering and high performance computing continue to meet the needs of clients as it processes vast amounts of interaction and movement data. With wearable devices that pair within seconds and a powerful SaaS platform, TraceSafe is now able to support even the largest global enterprises.

"Following our recent large-scale deployments at global firms, the TraceSafe team continues to scale up processing of interactions and other motion data. Human activity data is vital for keeping businesses open now and for making strategic business decisions in the future. As we process vast amounts of contact data, our high-tech cloud offering is steadily growing to support even the world's largest international enterprises," notes Wayne Lloyd, CEO of TraceSafe.

Adding to TraceSafe's vast computing power, the updated API gives businesses the flexibility to integrate seamlessly into existing enterprise health and HR information systems. TraceSafe's recent agreement with a Fortune 500 firm called for the use of TraceSafe's entire suite of wearables and cloud management solutions, including the integration of the custom API access - covering the interactions of not only all 45,000 global employees but additional contract manufacturing personnel spread across more than 20 manufacturing facilities and offices.

In addition to processing 15 million daily contacts, TraceSafe's next generation of AI-powered wearables process thousands of additional data points per day. TraceSafe's premium product line of wearables has been developed for businesses in a variety of industries that offer flexible form factors, providing employees or passengers with convenient options to choose from.

About TraceSafe

TraceSafe is a full suite of real-time location management services and contact tracing solutions enabled through advanced low power bluetooth beacons and enterprise cloud management. TraceSafe's leading cloud management solution ensures both user privacy and comprehensive administrative control. TraceSafe's patented contact tracing bracelet has already been deployed in mission critical quarantine applications around the world in partnership with leading governments. In addition to their government work, TraceSafe is developing leading edge solutions for Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, Government and large-scale venue management.