PCMag: Top Contact Tracing Apps to Keep Employees Safe

TraceSafe started in the medical devices segment by making infant tracking bracelets. These are placed on newborn babies’ wrists or ankles so that medical staff will know where the babies are at all times. The company was tapped by the Hong Kong government in 2020 to adapt its technology to help with mandatory quarantines for travelers.

The TraceSafe wearables use low-frequency Bluetooth signals to relay location and health information to beacons that can efficiently manage contact tracing at scale.

“For construction clients, for example, it'll be something that attaches to the hardhat, or it gets integrated into the safety vest. For a an international sporting event, [it] would be something that would just be built into the [ticket] lanyard," explains Wayne Lloyd, CEO of Tracesafe.

Lloyd stressed that while TraceSafe wearables can simplify contact tracing, they’re incapable  of being used for tracking employees and their movements, which might help with employee privacy concerns. “The data is anonymized to users except when there is an exposure. That'd be the only time that you could understand who it was. and that's purely in order to notify the person,” said Lloyd.

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