How Boustead Projects ensured safe reopening of worksites using contact tracing and health monitoring solutions

Established in 1996 and listed on the SGX Mainboard, Boustead Projects Limited is a leading provider of innovative real estate solutions with an international presence across Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam.  Their core businesses are uniquely integrated to support the business park and industrial real estate ecosystem, comprising turnkey engineering; real estate development, leasing and asset management; and real estate fund management.

In the early stages of the pandemic, Boustead Projects was faced with the risk of stop work orders and they had to quickly find a digital solution that allows them to have real-time visibility and facilitation of on-site workers to monitor their health and ensure healthy workers comply with safety guidelines.

As a part of the Singapore government’s national budget in 2021, Boustead Projects was matched with TraceSafe to develop solution for safe reopening of worksites.

TraceSafe developed real-time systems comprising a interconnected ecosystem of wearables, sirens and gateways, powered by an advanced analytics dashboard. This system  helped Boustead  conduct contact tracing and health monitoring of its workers on construction sites.

Boustead was able to trace and record thousands of contacts and cases early on, limiting the spread of virus across work sites. With technology taking care of the tracing and worker visibility,  the management teams were able to focus on other important aspects of construction.