How a leading luxury cruise transformed guest safety and efficiency with a custom IoT wearable solution

While navigating the recent disruptions, Royal Caribbean has achieved what others in the broader hospitality industry have taken keen notice of  – perfecting the concept of ‘Safe and Smart operations during the pandemic.’ This not only involves meeting stringent health and safety protocols, but also enhancing guest experience through innovative custom IoT wearable solution, the Tracelet™  

This is worth noting, as Cruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA) State Of The Cruise Industry Outlook 2022 report, merits science based innovations like contactless technology for being one of the key factors that would drive back passenger volumes to recover surpass 2019 levels by the end of 2023.

What the innovative cruise operators like Royal Caribbean are currently doing is shaping the industry for a new breed of cruisers years to come. To reach the seemingly impossible goal,  Royal Caribbean and TraceSafe worked tirelessly to develop solutions that would deliver the safest experience possible to guests and crew members. Along with meeting stringent health and safety guidelines from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Royal Caribbean wanted to create a product that was aesthetically aligned with the brand and comfortable to wear, as guests and crew members would be required to have it on for the duration of the sail. The wristband also had to be easy to sanitize for reuse.

TraceSafe’s team worked creatively and collaboratively with Royal Caribbean to envision a product that met guests’ needs. After many thoughtful discussions, TraceSafe developed a prototype mold of the high-tech wearable. The teams and manufacturer worked together on refinements — an iterative process that continued until the final prototype met the objectives set by Royal Caribbean and passed the stringent quality checks established by Royal Caribbean. 

What impressed Royal Caribbean as much as this level of customization was the agility at which the Tracelet™ was developed: only six weeks from start to finish.