How a leading hospital in Singapore transformed patient journey using wearables & data-driven insights

The 1000-bed Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) forms a vital part of Singapore's master plan to provide quality and accessible care to better serve the healthcare needs of North-Eastern Singapore. SKH is a part of the newest integrated hospital campus delivering multidisciplinary and patient-centric care covering all major healthcare disciplines.

Large-scale healthcare facilities lose considerable time and resources every year trying to streamline patient journey at hospitals and long-term care facilities. Singapore’s leading hospital- SKH was struggling with this long-standing issue, and longer wait times were clogging up waiting rooms with increased risk of infection among vulnerable patients.

The TraceSafe platform takes an integrated approach to wearable technology, proximity tracking, and real-time location systems (RTLS) to create a seamless and consistent experience for users and administrators. PatientPath is a wearable tech solution that significantly optimizes patient journey by guiding patients around the hospital. It gives real-time updates to the patients or visitors as they move around the facility from the time of appointment to location of the doctors and testing rooms all the way to medicine and payment counters.

PatientPath virtually eliminated wait times in  Sengkang hospital by connecting patients  to the hospital staff in real-time using a privacy first solution enabled by low power BLE devices.