From Tags to Tablio - Discover the untapped value and opportunities in the next generation of Wearable IoT

As businesses migrate to smarter operations using data and cloud connectivity, there is a strong consensus on the critical role IoT will play in this transformation. The myriad possibilities of connecting the physical and digital worlds have inspired a surge of innovation and enthusiasm in mid-large scale organizations as well as technology companies. One look at some recent launches from technology giants like Apple (with AirTags) or Samsung (Galaxy SmartTags and remote monitoring) confirms the growing confidence in IoT solutions for reliable connectivity. 

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, The Internet of Things: Mapping the value beyond the hype, “If policy makers and businesses get it right, linking the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025.” According to another study the enterprise wearable market should surpass USD 37 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 41% as investments pour in from organizations operating in healthcare, retail, telecoms, oil & gas, logistics, and more.

From inception, TraceSafe’s wearable IoT solutions had a real impact by changing how connected operations were undertaken in sensitive environments. Detecting anomalies in mother-infant pairing in hospitals, keeping track of COVID-19 outbreak data on cruise ships and alerting end-users of potential virus exposure across large scale venues with ‘Wristlets’, were just some of the early use cases of TraceSafe’s proprietary technology. 

Wearables Market and TraceSafe's Offerings

Reliable Connectivity, Context and Data to Drive Decisions

With its unmatched expertise in enterprise wearable technology, TraceSafe made sweeping changes in multi-scale enterprises and successfully connected various ecosystems from Fortune 500 enterprises, to large scale venues and governments. 

As a result, TraceSafe achieved record-breaking revenues in 2021, renewed relationships and continued enterprise and government deployments, sold over one million devices and achieved GDPR and ISO 270001 compliance. The company’s pioneering technology has been trusted by industry leaders for workplace safety and now these leading organizations have placed their trust in the next phase of connectivity, context and data driven solutions that will transform operations across industries.

The Future of Enterprise Operations 

To capture the full potential of its IoT solutions, TraceSafe has extended its technology beyond contact tracing and quarantine management with the launch of its breakthrough enterprise communication and workflow solution- Tablio. As the next generation of wearable IoT solution, Tablio holds the key to revolutionary customer experience and contextual enterprise communication especially in hospitality and healthcare industries. 

Breaking the limitations of traditional communication devices

Tablio is a feature packed Wi-Fi enabled wearable that is built to last in all enterprise environments. It's simple and sleek design and light form factor makes it easy to carry around in a lanyard or in a small pocket, from where it can guide operational workflows and communications for thousands of customers and staff members. The stand-out feature of the device is the e-paper display and rechargeable batteries that last 4 complete days on uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows Tablio to replace any traditional modes of real-time communications in the workplace like cell phones, messaging apps or radio devices.

Contextual Communication for Productivity at Scale

Imagine equipping every frontline sales or guest service personnel with real-time contextual data about guests or consumers they interact with. Tablio can add a layer of convenience and interoperability in any enterprise that cannot be achieved through traditional modes of enterprise communications or other IoT technologies. 

With a consistent and updated flow of information through direct, group or broadcast messages, Tablio enables easy multitasking and agility for a dispersed workforce. The extent of personalization that’s possible with Tablio can exponentially increase customer satisfaction and staff productivity almost instantly. 

Multiple Tablios showing different features lile Digital ID, Access Control, SOS Alert, Instant Messaging, Contact Payments

While communications is Tablio’s key function, it also connects with TraceSafe’s proprietary platform allowing a seamless flow of information and real-time data on location and customer-behavior patterns. The insights drawn from this critical data will empower organizations to identify gaps in operational workflows or opportunities to improve customer service, all leading to a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. 

Transformative Value of Tablio: Top Use-Cases

Futuristic guest experience led by context-driven communication

The success of hospitality operations is dependent on two critical metrics - customer experience and optimized workflow. Tablio, with its ability to connect thousands of staff members with each other and with the guests, can help achieve the highest standards for both these metrics.

Tablio is the answer to creating a non-intrusive, context-led and powerfully connected ecosystem for guests at resorts, cruise ships, hotels or other venues of hospitality. 

The device, once connected to the platform, can be handed out to guests upon arrival and from thereon, it becomes the only device they will ever need. It begins with an embedded identification that eliminates carrying an ID proof anywhere. It also powers door access removing the need for carrying keys or access cards. With a single tap, guests will use Tablio to make contactless payments throughout the resort or ship and receive direct messages from the admin- from special event announcements to specific updates on their service requests. With options to respond with several canned messages, there will be little scope of painful communication gaps between staff and guests. 

For staff and administrators, Tablio will be the one source of contextual communication that will power the flow of information across the resort or ship. From managing daily time and attendance, to recording and relaying specific messages to ensuring seamless fulfillment of service requests, the device holds the key to a truly optimized and connected workflow. 

Safety and seamless workflow in healthcare

In healthcare, staff can use Tablio as a digital ID badge and record essential information on caregivers working in shifts. By relaying instant messages to staff across hospitals and long term care centers, administrators can save precious time and help create an exclusive stream of work-related information and updates. It will also be an effective tool to manage visitor identification and experience in healthcare centers. 

The SOS alert button for emergencies and vibrate mode can make long-term care centers significantly safer for residents. In cases of emergency, medical personnel can use the distressed resident’s device to access information on medications they take, their relevant medical history and emergency contact details.

A Tablio enterprise wearable in against a blue box showing a message

At TraceSafe, we’ve evolved our technologies to respond to the rapid changes in the IoT and enterprise wearables industry by partnering with our customers every step of the way. Tablio is an exciting first solution in the new business direction where we are developing a line of powerful products that will set organizations up for the future of smart operations, making them safer, efficient and sustainable.