Acceleration fueled by collaboration

If 2020 was a teaser of our potential, 2021 was a significant step forward into realizing those possibilities.

Apart from creating world-class products that made it possible for customers to safely go back to business, we innovated in the speediest of ways to deliver more than the ask. One of the biggest differentiators that brought in unprecedented growth and trust from our customers was the quality of collaboration we were able to achieve with them. We were able to turn around solutions in record times by working together meaningfully every step of the way.

We achieved our first profitable quarter, record-breaking revenues through Q1 to Q3, continued delivery with enterprise and government deployments. expanding our presence in APAC with a Japan office, selling our one millionth device and achieving GDPR and ISO 270001 compliance.

Thanks to a small yet highly efficient team that went above and beyond to bring home major milestones, many customers came back which is the biggest testimony to the success of our unique solutions and technology.

This year we were nominated for the prestigious BC Tech Awards in the category - ‘Excellence in Technology innovation’. To me this will be our north star as a company in the coming year- tech innovation and collaboration leading to accelerated growth.

2022 will undoubtedly be one of the most significant years for TraceSafe as it's time to build on the foundation we created this year. We now have the access and talent we need to build products that will go beyond contact tracing and quarantine management. Thanks to the value we have created, we also have trust from some of the most prominent industry leaders across Americas, Europe and Asia.

Along with safety and efficiency solutions, we have also identified that our technology has a unique role to play in sustainability and will be a critical area of focus in the coming year. Sustainability efforts including environment, social and governance will be central to the businesses of the future and IoT has the potential to lead this transformation. We are already progressing towards this objective through some strategic partnerships and research initiatives and I am excited to share the details with you in the coming year.

I am deeply grateful for the hard work of the team and partners, the trust of our customers and support of our investors this year. Everything we have achieved is owed to this incredible collaboration. And now to bigger and better things in 2022!

Key clients of 2021