Offsets, your way.

Reduce harmful emissions by investing in a perfect mix of carbon offsets from verified global projects. You can also embed offset purchases directly into your business ERP or point of sale, be it a cruise ship ticketing system or an e-commerce store.
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Balanced offsets, as easy as online shopping

There are hundreds of carbon offset projects across the world that target carbon removal or carbon avoidance through technological interventions of all scales and sizes. However, no two offsets are the same both in terms of cost and quality. This is where ShiftCarbon comes in.

The Balanced Avoidance Carbon Pool aims to target high quality avoidance projects from a unrestricted geography.

Customize your own carbon pool

Support credible projects that are important to you and your stakeholders. ShiftCarbon allows you to create a customized carbon offset pool from a variety of projects, allowing you to focus on causes or communities important to you.

We take care of all the carbon credit complexities including verification, registration, and retirement so that you can stay focussed on your business.
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