Carbon output is becoming one of the most important metrics for measuring corporate value
Corporate demand in the voluntary carbon market has the potential to grow by an order of 700% on the low side, and 3,800% on the high side, over the coming decades.*

Wayne Lloyd, Founder & CEO

Wayne is a technology entrepreneur active in tech M&A. He serves as investor, trader, board member, and advisor to several technology and fintech startups.

Qayyum Rajan, Head of Carbon Products

Qayyum is a prominent leader in the North American fintech ecosystem. He is the founder of Offsety- a recently acquired carbon offset marketplace. Previously he served as the founder and CEO at ESG Analytics, an Artificial Intelligence startup. Qayyum is a CFA charterholder, an avid economist and a data scientist.

Gordon Zeilstra, Chief Revenue Officer

Formerly of SAP, Taleo and, Gordon has spent 25 years working with start-up tech firms to assist in building their global profile, sales and delivery excellence. He has helped transform both consumer and B2B tech companies into billion-dollar brands.
The opportunity for Carbon Tech is enormous: U.S. VC investment in climate tech increased 80% between 2020 and 2021, reaching $56 billion, with energy and power experiencing the fastest growth.**
But, a lot of the existing carbon accounting software either is:
  • Spreadsheets-based and relies on consultants to collect and input emissions data.
  • Requires customers to spend weeks on collecting and manually entering their data.
  • Lacks data processing infrastructure and mostly does not allow clients to capture granular data or Scope 3 emissions.
  • Only allows customers to view their impact but offers no next steps to offset whatever is left.
ShiftCarbon built our a product that helps organizations understand the complete picture around their carbon emissions. Instead of hiring consultants that spend weeks on putting together spreadsheets, ShiftCarbon helps our businesses to always know where they stand. They can also offset everything else by purchasing highest-quality carbon credits from projects that matter to their customers and communities.

Sources: *Climate Insurance Guide to Carbon Credits (2021); **Way Beyond  Work, Insights into the impact market, VC activity and more. Current highlights and quick-take insights 2021-2022


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